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Welcome to Hi-Tech Solutions!

Hi-Tech Solutions of Winthrop is a premium provider of specialty equipment and related services.  Hi-Tech Solutions offers a wide range of services including:

  • Fabrication of electrical and mechanical components
  • Assembly of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic systems
  • System integration and qualification
  • Controls software development

We have supplied automation solutions to customers from many industries including Semiconductor, Furniture and Food Packaging.

Benefits of Automation
Our customers see quality improvement as a major factor when automating a process.  Automation helps keep jobs in the U.S. by allowing companies to maintain low manufacturing costs while outputting more products!  Consistent products!  Better products!

With experience ranging from building test fixtures to process monitoring systems to entire robotic manufacturing cells, Hi-Tech Solutions maintains capacity to offer competitive outsourcing opportunities for individual components or entire automation systems.

We have successfully managed development projects ranging from small (single engineer) to large (up to 5 engineers) combining mechanical, electrical and software expertise.

Design and Detailing utilizing Auto-Cad Inventor and Pro-Engineer.



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